Our Training Philosophy

At Utah K9 training we take a different approach to dog training. The Focus of our training is on the relationship between you and your dog. All our training programs are private in nature. This allows us to spend time working with you and your dog. And you will not be competing for time and attention from other clients in your lessons. This allows us to work at your pace and make sure that you understand not only what to do but also why the steps in training are so important. We have developed our inclusive training program that adopts the most effective and proven training methods into a comprehensive program that will help teach your dog how to be calm and look to you for guidance and direction. Building trust and earning respect is our motto, once you and your dog can learn to do this with each other you will be able to enjoy your dog the way you have always wanted to.

Your Trainer

Mike Seely: owner and head trainer

Mike is a search and rescue veteran of 15+ years and is currently a K-9 Handler for Utah Task Force 1. He has been training dogs professionally for the last 8 years. His experiences as a handler has greatly influenced the development of Utah K9 Training, as a K-9 Team, you must have trust and respect to know what each other is going to do. This has led to the development of the motto “Build Trust and Earn Respect. Once this mutual relationship has grown, and only then can you and your dog learn to have the freedom to go and do what you want with confidence.

Training your dog is not about teaching your dog how to come, sit and lay down. It is about developing a relationship between you and your dog to work together where you and your dog are working as a team. One of the things Mike enjoys most is teaching dog owners how their dog thinks so they can better understand how to build a better relationship with their dog. Dogs are great teachers and we can learn a lot from them, Mike likes to help identify how you and your dog can help each other.