One of the most common issues that I deal with as a dog trainer is dogs that pull on leashes. While this may not seem like a big problem for a lot of people it can cause problems with what people call leash aggression, not to mention that you should be walking your dog not the other way around. There are often several factors that contribute to poor leash manners

Are you the leader or the follower?

You should be the most important thing in your dog’s life. They should understand that every good thing they have in life comes from you. Even when loose leash walking your dog should respect you enough to respond when ask for their attention. Developing this type of relationship takes time and practice. Dogs by nature are happiest when they have to earn what they get, writhed that be food affection or any other type of perceived reward. Dogs are known for their unconditional love, when you earn their respect you will see a whole new level a true partnership.

Yield to leash pressure.

Many people do not understand how to use a leash. The purpose of the leash is not merely attaching your dog to you but rather to offer guidance and direction. Your dog should understand that applying pressure is a sign to stop doing what they are doing and look for better easier way to get what they want. Allowing your dog to pull on the leash is a way to build up drive which may be needed for a police k9 but not for your seemingly lazy house dog.

The tools make all the difference

More times than not when I work with a dog that pulls on the leash they are often outfitted with a harness. Harnesses may serve several different purposes but walking your dog is not one of them. Think of it like this, there is a reason that sled dogs don’t use collars. A collar gives you more control over the dog by allowing you to move the head away from what distractions that exist. Think of it like this, a harness or even a loose-fitting flat collar that rides on the shoulder, is like hitting the gas pedal, a properly fit collar is like having the break and steering wheel in one.

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